Are you a Goddess or a Doormat?


Renowned artist, Pablo Picasso was famously quoted as saying, “There are only two types of women-goddesses and doormats.” What he said was harsh but true in a sense and all women should take heed. Basically, Mr. Picasso was giving tough love to those who needed it by posing that question. Nobody should be a “doormat” type of person or feel like one.  Doormat behavior involves a passive person who allows people to have power over them and walk all over them, hence, the word “doormat”.  If you feel you may fall under this category read below to take that title off your head so you can put your crown back on. Let’s start with what a goddess represents. The definition of a goddess is a woman of extraordinary charm, brilliance, and beauty inside and out; a woman who honors herself and is greatly admired. She wears a crown. Are you that person? Are you that woman?  If you aren’t sure, you can read below to find out which one you may be.

Are you a Goddess or a Doormat?

Read the statements/questions below, and if you can answer yes or agree with at least four of the following, then you are a Goddesses.

Goddess Behavior:

  1. Knows that God created her for greatness. Do you know how special you are?
  2. A woman who respects and values herself
  3. Feels beautiful always, inside and out –Do you feel this way?
  4. Knows that her inner self is her higher self
  5. Honors her mind, body, and spirit

Doormat Tendencies:

  1. These people usually are not assertive
  2. Exhibits low-self-esteem and always say yes when they want to say no
  3. Doesn’t say what they mean or mean what they say
  4. Let people walk all over them
  5. Addicted to Approval or are people pleasers

Same as above, if you can answer yes or agree with at least four of the above statements then you could be a doormat or shall I say have possess “walk all over me why don’t you- doormat” behaviors.

Listen here lovelies-you were created to rise to higher heights in your life and to become the best version of yourself. You were created with power and love so don’t let anyone take your power away. A queen or a goddess doesn’t allow negative behavior towards themselves-ever. They are not doormats, and if you feel that maybe sometimes you are then, you need to adjust that crown on your head and shake off that negativity. Be the true goddess that you are and never allow anyone to mistreat you ever again. How do you do this? See below for some tips.

How to become the Goddess you were meant to be:

  • Know who you are. Know your creator and why you were put on this earth. Find out your purpose by Prayer and meditation
  • Love you some you! Because if you don’t love yourself girl, you can’t love anybody else
  • Practice extreme self-care. Nourish your spirit and mind every day and honor your body
  • Know your worth and value as a human being because you are a woman of substance
  • Don’t compare, judge or compete with anyone. You are unique my love
  • Practice saying no and mean it!

God says that you are of perfect Beauty! So, claim it.

So, there you have it, my Queens. Go back and reread. Print it out and share if you like. Meditate and take some time out for yourself and be the Goddess, Queen who you already are and kick that “doormat” chick to the curb for good.

Right Queen? Yes!

Love always,

Ty B.


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