Start Your Come Up This Spring Season!

Start Your Come Up This Spring Season!

Hey, loves, it’s Spring, and I am excited! It’s the start of a new season, and that always means change is upon us. This is your time to scream, “new me!” Out with the old and in with the new like those Halloween looking orange and brown leaves are now a beautiful emerald green. Then for some of us that also means we have packed our UGG boots away and no more getting dark at 5PM. Let’s rejoice! I am a runner and I love running in park in the spring when the flowers are full bloom while the flying pink petals hit my face. It is just a divine experience. Anyhoo ladies, since the season changed why not also look at this new season as a new “season” for your life? Sounds good? If so, let’s do this.

Here are some situations/questions below that might make you want to activate positive adjustments in your life this fresh season:

  1. Have you been stuck in a rut and feel like you can’t ever get out?
  2. Can’t stand school and need the motivation to keep going?
  3. Should you be looking for a job, or a new job?
  4. Are you in a relationship and need to step your game up with your partner?
  5. Are you single and want to be ok with that and still love you and your life anyway?
  6. Are you and B.A.E deciding to call it quits, and you aren’t sure what to do?
  7. Is it time for you to save money for one of your goals like a car, an apartment or house, etc.?
  8. Do you need to lose weight? Do you need to gain weight?
  9. Is it time to start planning for your business?

There are many things that you can use in your life to start a significant change in your life to become a better you. Use this time to say, “hey, I got this; I’m ready!” Start today lovelies and say to yourself in due time, “I will have that new job,” or I will have lost that weight.” I have a friend who said she was tired of having the same goals month after month and season after season. I asked her to think really hard about what I was going to ask her so she can give a solid answer not to me but to herself!

I asked her, “what is holding you back?”

She said, “I think fear is the problem.”

You see folks, so ask yourself, what is holding you back and when you really think about it use that and say to yourself- “NO MORE.” Make the change and use this season to do it.  Are you ready? If so read on and see the steps below to get in line with your new transformation.


Steps to achieve your dreams:

  1. Set clear goals and write them down (on your phone, in a notebook, your computer)


  1. Set a time of when you want this goal to be complete


  1. Believe in yourself. Your confidence will take you places that you have never been


  1. Take action steps towards those goals even if they are small steps. Just take a step


  1. Focus and be determined to get it done


  1. Smash your goals and mark them complete!

Now that wasn’t that bad, right? Things like pushing yourself can lead you to greatness if you try. Do whatever it takes to move forward in your life to get where you need to be and more importantly where you want to be. The end of the year will be upon us, and this is perfect timing to get right! Use this beautiful spring season to catapult yourself to a new and exciting you so you can have that fab lifestyle that you so deserve!

Love to you always,

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