Self-Esteem is Key to Living Your Most Authentic Life


Hey loves! I wanted to talk today about the power of self-esteem. Many times people aren’t even sure what self-esteem is, so I am here to tell you that self-esteem is the deep down feeling that you have about yourself. It’s whether you like yourself or not. It’s how much you think you matter to yourself and others. Self-esteem although comingles with self-worth and confidence are different. You see the word esteem means admiration and respect. So, you add the word “self,” and that clarifies that it is your own respect or admiration for yourself. Then these questions come into play.

• How much do you respect yourself?
• How much do you admire yourself?

I am a self-esteem enthusiast since I have dealt with low-self-esteem for almost all my life. It took me many years and extensive hard work to get to where I am today where I can talk about this with others and show women how they can obtain self-esteem for themselves and feel good about them and their individual lives. Low self-esteem can ruin your life. It can keep you stuck and force you to make horrible decisions in your life like addictive behavior, staying with someone who isn’t worthy and staying stuck in a rut in your life keeping you from moving forward. You must be careful when you have low self-esteem because subconsciously you can feel so little about yourself and that feeling will cause actions that you could regret.

Self-esteem is essential to your life as it determines how happy and successful your life will be and it determines whether you will fulfill your goals. Do you want to move ahead and get your life’s desires? Do you want to feel super good about yourself and love you some you? I would imagine you do if you are reading this. So, let’s start with how you can see if you have self–esteem by answering similar questions like before:

1. Do you like yourself?
2. Do you love yourself?
3. Do you honor yourself
4. Do you value yourself?
5. Do you know your self-worth?

If you answered yes to all the above questions, then that is a fabulous, thing and you must continue to maintain your self-esteem because it is fleeting and can change with the wind. If you have answered no to one or two of the questions you need to work on your self-esteem. The goal is to say “yes” to all the above. I know how hard it is to get and maintain self-esteem as it was a struggle for me and that’s why I want to help. It all starts with acceptance of yourself. Accept who you are and your current life no matter what you have or don’t have it. You are IMPORTANT right now! You can work at the things you don’t have and get those things in its due time. Even if you are overweight or underpaid, you still must value you because you were created for greatness and not to live a mediocre life! God created all of you to be unique and if he said so you better get up out that hole and claim your greatness!

Always remember you ROCK!

You are the BOMB!

You are LIT!!

You are a Queen!

Healthy self-esteem is yours for the taking, girlfriend. Look in the mirror today and say, “I respect you Queen!” or “I honor you King!” no what you have and then apply those strong feelings to all aspects of your life and feel good about you and I promise you once you feel good about you-your life will change for the better.

Love always



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