Don’t lose yourself over a man, period.

Love yourself
Don’t ever lose yourself in this thing called love and especially not for a guy. Sometimes we get caught up in a relationship where we lose our flipping minds and pretty much our identities. We are so in love and we forget about ourselves and we sign our lives away to our partners with no questions asked. Unfortunately, a lot of times this partner is not even worth the time of day which makes matters even worse. If your partner doesn’t love you the way that he should then you need to reassess the relationship or shall I say, the “situationship.”
Losing yourself in a relationship is not healthy. You can lose track of your purpose in life, your goals and most importantly your identity. So, this is a big hell to the no for you, boo. Loving yourself is key to a healthy relationship and fosters a loving balance that is essential for your relationship to work. If you see you can’t get to this level with your partner then you have some thinking to do.
I have seen this happen in many women including myself. I totally lost who I was with an ex of mine and I vowed to never do that! But, I got caught out there and was so warped with trying to keep the dying relationship together I forgot about my career and I suffered big time because of my choices. Therefore, it is my life purpose to help other women who go through this to see the light, to see their power so that they can learn to let go of unrequited love or selfish love.
You can also let go of someone who isn’t worthy of you and yes, who also don’t love themselves. All of us have a destiny to fulfill and sometimes as women we get so caught up in a man who selfish or men who have already checked out and you are still standing there holding a big ole’ bag of trash of him that you carry around for days, weeks and sometimes years. The unfortunate part of this is that while you are left holding the bag of emotional junk and pain you lose sight of yourself and of what you were put on this earth to do. Sometimes your life purpose dies within your spirit because you are so stuck in the past that you won’t take a step towards the future because you are still living in a fantasy. Sometimes, you are stuck in the future of him and you can’t see how important your present is. There are many women who are still stuck and must learn how to fight for their lives and become free because their lives depend on it.
How do you find yourself again?
1. Learn to love yourself again
2. Rediscover who you are and your purpose
3. Do what you enjoy and get your life!
4. Oh, and again love yo’self!
Loving yourself is key because you will begin to see the light again; and will discover that this man, isn’t above you and isn’t worth losing yourself and your life purpose. You can’t miss out on your purpose or your goals because you are so fixated on making him happy and not yourself. You are important too and your life matters.
Ladies, God loves you, Jesus loved you first so that means you can love yourself and be free. You can be free from condemnation, free from a man who doesn’t love himself, free from the man who doesn’t know how to love you or was never meant to be your forever; free from rejecting yourself. You won’t want to hurt yourself anymore and slowly little pieces will start coming back to you and your soul will open again. Then, when this happens you will soar like an eagle and all that you remember will be tiny remnants in the wind flowing behind you. Once you get to this state, and if you choose to move on from your partner the door will open for someone who is worthy of you and who will love you like you need to be loved whilst you are still being true to yourself and taking care of you.
Affirmation time! Always repeat to yourself: 
self confidence 2076798 150 self esteem - Don't lose yourself over a man, period.
It is my prayer that any woman going through this type of ordeal of losing themselves over a man will see that their source of love from God will help them find themselves so that they will never feel like they lack anything or have any voids in their life. Love yourself girl, and the pain will dissipate and you will be you again and you, my love will conquer the world and will never look back!
Please email me for any tips on how to get through this.
Love always,
Ty B.

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