Is an Open Relationship Right For You?

Open Relationships

Open relationships have been a “thing” for the past couple of years or shall I say became more popular. Many folks are okay with sharing their partners with other people because they feel that being in a committed relationship is a thing of the past and Neanderthal- “ish.” Being monogamous is just not feasible and deemed as a fantasy to some. Why? Well, because some people feel that it is a natural occurrence for men and women to date and have sex with other people and not be exclusive. Some women believe it helps their relationship because in their mind their mate is not cheating and that equals to them, less drama. In recent surveys, monogamy is still widespread, and only a handful of people participate in this practice. Fidelity and commitment are still attractive to some. Is it for you?

Ok, open relationships in my book is a “no” for me. In my opinion, I cannot see myself giving permission to my man to sleep with another woman or get emotionally entangled with another person but to each’s own.

Some ways that can help people who are considering this type of relationship to ease the possible distress.

I know that there are rules that come with most open relationships like the following:

  • The option of choosing partners
  • Check-ins with their partners
  • Sex boundaries
  • Emotional rules: whether you can fall in love or not

However, even though there are boundaries would you still be willing to share your partner with someone else? These types of relationships can work with some people. Many people feel that most men cheat so why not have an open relationship so you don’t have to go through the devastation of finding out your partner cheated. Some people feel that it keeps the relationship fresh. However, if you are a jealous person, you shouldn’t go along with this set up because this would be a recipe for disaster. I have heard some real stories of folks who really have dealt with this, and it wasn’t pretty. In one instance with a married couple, the other woman seduced the husband and eventually, he left his wife for this “open relationship” partner. This example is not to steer you away from it but to give you an insight that many times it isn’t that simple. You should really think and pray on this and see if it is for you.

Here are some things to think about if you are contemplating open relationships

  • Know in your heart if you are a monogamous person and if you want to remain that way
  • Put yourself first and not your partner. You must know if this is something that you want to do
  • Make sure that you aren’t doing it because your partner insists it will be better for your relationship
  • You should feel good about it too
  • If you are naturally a jealous person, do not this. If you are jealous knowing your partner is with someone else may rip you apart inside and that will affect your relationship

So, guys, just do what YOU want to do and if you feel good about it go right ahead and live your best life.  Please drop comments below and tell a Sistuh how you really feel!


Written by: Boss Girl Talk



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