7 Different Fashion Styles. Do You Know Which One is Yours?

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Fashion rules the world, honey.  Why, you may ask?  Fashion and style is everything because it’s your directive on how you communicate to the world your personal style of clothing. It’s an expression of yourself because what you choose to wear can make you feel a plethora of things like being powerful, beautiful and in control. However, sometimes, you won’t feel that great and depending on the day or your mood you may feel meh, and you will choose “meh” clothing. Nevertheless, fashion will always be the way that you tell your story of who you are by the type of clothing and accessories that you decide to wear.

In the beautiful world of fashion, there are many styles, and some that are probably not even mentioned in this blog post but listed below are a couple, and you should know which one you fall under. Also, please understand that you can have more than one style and have a mix of two or even three! My style is Edgy Chic with a mix of chic/classy/sophisticated and street style. My core style is and will always be edgy chic. You will also need to know what is your core style or dominant style as well because this is important as your core style displays what makes you, well you!   So, what’s your style? What’s your core style? Read on fashionistas for seven different fashion styles below.

  1. Chic

fashion 2762865 640 - 7 Different Fashion Styles. Do You Know Which One is Yours?

photo credit Vlad Bitte 

Chic style is a more general style that represents a very fashionable look of ensembles that’s sharp and exudes power! The primary colors for this style are black and neutrals. However, this chic girls knows she can add pops of color to pull off this look. Sometimes this look requires the latest trends and has an urban feel, but you can make this look how you want it to be because you are stylish. Chic style folks know that they dress well and will wear a banging pantsuit with a great purse. They are smart about what they put on and have a sense of elegance and flair about them.

Who are some stylish babes who rock this look?

  • The character on the series Gossip Girl “Serena Van der Woodsen” (Love her style!)
  • Actress, Kerry Washington

2.Classy & Sophisticated 

Classy woman 1245926 640 - 7 Different Fashion Styles. Do You Know Which One is Yours?

This style is polished. The look is crisp and consists of clothing items like clean pantsuits; A-line dresses; wool/cashmere coats; and heels. This style is a force to be reckoned with. Think Jackie O. Think neutrals and brim hats. This style doesn’t really do many colors or bolder looks like other styles. For example, an edgy chic or chic girl would wear her white blouse half tucked in her jeans whereas a sophisticated/classy chic would never. I mean, clutch your pearls!  Know too that just because you are the more sophisticated type doesn’t mean every now and then you can’t be bold with color and edge. All in all, this style is classic!

Who are some stylish babes who rock this look?

  • The character on Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf (google her)
  • Fashion icon, Victoria Beckham

3. Edgy & Chic 

handbags 2251086 640 - 7 Different Fashion Styles. Do You Know Which One is Yours?

Photo Credit Fauzan Mokhtar

This woman doesn’t care what you think of her, and she doesn’t strive to be perfect. Her style can be a mix up of sophistication and edge. She can combine a chic blazer with some ripped skinny jeans and pumps. She wears a pair of white jeans with a tee and dresses it up with bold accessories. She is bold and brazen. Accessories are statement pieces, and your hair doesn’t have to be in place. Remember you can be a mix of two or more styles. You can have a classy look but your core style is “edgy chic.” Did you check out that choker necklace? This woman owns it!

Who are some stylish babes who rock this look?

  • Superstar Rihanna (her looks are amazing)
  • Singer, Solange Knowles (who also rocks Bohemian well)


Boho  - 7 Different Fashion Styles. Do You Know Which One is Yours?

Photo Credit Fauzan Mokhtar

 The Bohemian a.k.a. “Boho” or Hippy look is for the gal that loves the feel of vintage and loose clothing with an insane flair. This style is a mash-up of hippy with some chic. This style is unconventional and usually, have bold flowing free colors. It’s also an artsy style and many times the fashion is based off style from the ‘60s and ‘70s. Women wear loose dresses, brim hats, long chains and necklaces, and cute flats. They are stylish and in their own bubble! What I love about this style is that it’s like the edgy chic style where women take risks and they don’t feel like they need to conform to anything traditional.

 Who are some stylish babes who rock this look?

  • Simple Life star, Nicole Richie
  • Model Kate Moss

5. Street Style 


Casual laid back  - 7 Different Fashion Styles. Do You Know Which One is Yours?

Photo Credit Vlad Bitte 

Ahhh, street style. Don’t you just love it when women can rock a pair of jeans and a tee and still loll bomb as fudge? Yes, girl yes. This style can be very trendy, but you don’t have to be because you will always have your own flair. Rock that bubble coat with a pair of throwback sneakers. It’s a mix of trendy, street with fashion week style. It certainly has an edge. If you can pull off this look and still be stylish, then you know how to rock street style. Girls with this style like to wear a tee shirt, a wife beater or even a jean shirt or throw on some stylish jeans with a pair of heels, shades and a banging designer cross body bag with a chain.  Viola!

Who are some stylish babes who rock this look?

  • Singer, Gwen Stephanie
  • Singer, Dancer Jennifer Lopez

6. Sexy Style 

Sexy - 7 Different Fashion Styles. Do You Know Which One is Yours?

Photo Credit StockSnap

The sexy style is an alluring style for women who love this look. This look at times can certainly show off your physically fit bodies, but it doesn’t have to be a provocative look. Some women do come off that way and if that your thing so be it. You are your own person. However, women should be clear that having a sexy look can still be sophisticated. You don’t have to be overly sexy to be sexy. Even when you have a simple look that can be sexy as well. You can have on a fitted dress with only your back out which gives just a bit of sex appeal. You can even rock this style with slacks and a lace bodysuit underneath a fitted blazer and be the bomb!

Who are some stylish babes who rock this look?

  • Reality Star, Kim Kardashian she slays this look
  • Actress Gabrielle Union Love this woman!

7. Casual/Laid Back 

woman 2590821 640 - 7 Different Fashion Styles. Do You Know Which One is Yours?

Casual style is effortless and so easy yet still stylish. The statement for this look says, “I am free to be whom I want to be today even if that means a wearing a ponytail, flats, and jeans.” This style is most certainly not formal but still fashionable. Women rock this style by focusing on comfort but with style in mind. I mean, just because you have a casual style or a laid-back style doesn’t mean you don’t dress well. You can have that cool look by wearing leggings, fashionable sweat suits or jeans and your hair doesn’t have to be blown out and freshly done. You could be rocking a bun and be chilling with some hoop earrings.  Jeans and flats are ubiquitous for this style, and even a skirt with a tee and sneakers is fire as well.

  Who are some chic babes who rock this look?

  • Model, Heidi Klum
  • Actress Gwyneth Paltrow

So there you have seven fashion styles. Which one are you? If you still can’t figure it out don’t despair because you will in time with practice but read on for more fashion and style tips.

That is one of the most brilliant quotes about fashion and style on the planet. Some people don’t realize that Fashion and Style are not the same. The two go hand in hand, but there is a difference. It would help if you recognized that fashion is always evolving, but your sense of style lasts forever and stays with you, so you better respect your style gangster because style is the beast within that dictates your refined look. It’s who you are in which is your inner-being that dictates how you present yourself to the world. It is your core in which drives you to pull your authentic fashionable look together.

Own your style babe!

When people see you, they should know something about you that will always represent who you are whether that’s your signature style, something you wear, and something that you always do. Whatever it is, it should serve you. Look at this list of lovely ladies below. You will still know them coming from a mile away.

  • Selena Gomez-her edgy street style that she kills.
  • Diane Ross –She is the boss for a reason. Her consistent big hair screams Queen
  • Jackie Onassis –her signature big, bold shades. Flipping iconic.
  • Carla Delevingne-her banging, fierce eyebrows that no one else on the planet can possess
  • Rihanna-ahhhh Pop royalty. Those beautiful green eyes and that accent is her identity forever

What is it about you that tells the world, here she comes?  For me, it is my cheekbones and my bomb sense of style. Everyone who knows me, knows this is all her. How about yourself? What is all you? What does your style and fashion sense tell the world about you? Drop in the comments below and tell me what you think and please pass the knowledge on because we all know that sharing is caring!


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