Get Your Mind Right, Today!

Get your mind right

Hey, girl hey! You clicked on this post because you love yourself and you want to get your life straightened out by getting your mind right. Correct? Cool. Let’s dig in. Your mind is a plethora of muddled masses of to do lists, kid’s stuff; health and beauty distress; partner & relationships concerns; work stuff; business/career matters; and everything else under the kitchen sink. How do you have time to sort it all out? How do you figure out what matters? What do you focus on? Just what do I do so I can get ahead and get it together? Your mind is in disarray, and I will help you sort it all out, gain clarity, and get your mind right so you can live your best life.

Many times, our minds aren’t right because we don’t know what we really want in life and we aren’t focusing on what’s important. You must first ask yourself, “what is it that I truly want?” and “how do I want to live?” You should set goals, have dreams and ambitions, and see yourself achieving your goals and walking in your purpose where your mindset is clear. Always remember your mind, your thoughts control your life, so if that pretty little head of yours is a mess, then your life will be a mess as well. It would be best if you mastered your mindset. #masteryourmindset


Read below for the four ways to get your mind right:

  1. Know who you are and what you want
  2. Figure out what is important to you in life and prioritize
  3. Manage your emotions and mental stability
  4. Work out at least three times a week


  1. Know who you are and what you want:

Who are you? Not what your name is, so do not repeat to yourself your name. Are you a  woman who wants change in her life? Are you God’s child? Are you royalty in your own inner being? Are you a fantastic mother? Are you a fierce businesswoman? Are you a bomb ass free spirit? Figure out who you are so you can get some lucidity in your head. When you know who you are, you will make choices that align with “that identity” of yourself that you have imagined. For example, God is first in my life, but after him and my health, I am a mother first and foremost so I make sure that on my to do list “Family” is listed first and whatever I must do for a family that is my top priority.  Please also note that, since I know family is first that notion will loom in my head and I will always have that in mind when I am making decisions in life because it can affect both of us. Here’s another example, I am a lifestyle blogger, and I know that I push out content for  women every week so that means I must stay on top of my game with good content and discipline myself to post on a timely basis for my audience. Knowing who you are determines what you do. You also need to know what you want to do in life currently and in the future. Why, you ask? Because knowing what you wish to drive you to get in gear to do what you need to do. Do you want to take a vacation with your boo or your family or your girls? Plan it. Do you want to lose ten pounds with the next month? Prepare to do so. Do you want to ask for a raise at your job? Do the research. When you know what you want, you will have to use action steps to bring forth your desires. These action steps need planning, and this is when you sit down and come up with a plan to move by eliminating what you don’t want and what’s essential, thus improving your focus.

  1. Figure out what is important to you in life and plan & prioritize

Okay hun, now since you know who you are and what you want you to have to decipher then the importance of what you want, and then you MUST prioritize. This is the part where I use the term “muddled masses.” You can have fifty things going on in your head, and your life and you don’t know where to start. Like I mentioned before I always have family first –God comes first in my life, health and then family. Health comes before my family because if I don’t have good health, how will I be around to fend for my son and help guide him?  Health is vital to me. So, then with family, I should see what the most important things that I must do and plan ahead. I prepare for the week, and I use a daily to-do list. I came up with a list of 8 things in my life in order of importance. Hopefully, this will help you.

Here is my life list of the important areas in my life (in order or priority):

  1. God/spiritual
  2. Health
  3. Family
  4. Home
  5. Job/Career
  6. Finances
  7. Education
  8. Lifestyle/Social/travel/fun/hobbies

I use this list to get my head right, so I know what’s significant and what goals I need to work on and what’s next for my life. Of course, your list will be different and that’s okay just tailor it to your life and use this map or something like it to get your mindset in order. For example, my socializing is, but it’s at the bottom of my list because if I must study for midterms that week, then that means I can’t go out for drinks on Thursday because Friday I have a test that I need to study for. If I have something to do with the family then and I also must wait for my super to put my air conditioner in my window I will cancel the appointment with my super on Wednesday night because I must do something with my son that night. This is how you get things in order. You know what is important and plan accordingly. Another way how I get my mind right is by using the analogy of a stove in your kitchen. Many years ago, when I was a teenager, my mom, God rest her soul had taught me a lesson about life priorities by using a mental image of a stove. She said that there are usually four burners on a stove and there are the first two in the front and the second two in the back. You look at the burners in order of importance and take the things that are in your life and apply them to the burners. Burner 1, let’s say is your acting career, Burner two is your finances, Burner 3 is your home and burner 4 is your book club manager duties. You would work your life around what’s the priority, what’s first, second, third, and fourth. This notion has helped me a lot and helps to keep my mind on track with what I must do and how to have structure. I hope this helps you as well.

  1. Manage your emotions and mental stability

Managing your emotions is key to getting your mindset right because your feelings can throw you off every single darn time! Your mental stability is important as well because if you are emotionally unstable and feeling a certain way, you will not be able to focus and have a clear path in your head. You will be all the way messed up. I know, I’ve been there a couple of times. Always remember that your thoughts run your life. Your thoughts come first and then comes those…. FEELINGS. Ugghh, they can ruin your whole day if you don’t get a handle on them. Your feelings will then control your actions. You can get up first thing for the day and say to yourself that you are going to work out and eat well and seize the day! Then you get to work, and your co-worker brought for everybody the best donuts ever from donut palace which tempts you to the tenth power. You hold on and don’t eat the donuts, but then something happened at work, and you get reprimanded for something that you did, and now you feel a certain way, and you run straight to the donuts and you binge and eat four of them back to back. Your diet just went straight to the nearest garbage! It is like a domino effect and then the rest of the day you suffer because of your uncontrollable emotions.

How do you manage your emotions?

  1. You assess the situation (you look and see can this be a potential trigger for me and if so, how can I beat this?)
  2. Reprogram your mind (change your perception about what is going on and transform your mind from negative to positive)
  3. See the truth and reality in the situation (look at the donuts as a dessert and nourishment and not emotional food to eat when feeling down)
  4. Change your thoughts. (look at the doughnut and say hey, I don’t need you baby. I love me, and I can eat you at another time. I got goals b^%^5!)

It also helps to eliminate toxicity and negativity from your life so you can feel good about you and make the right decisions. Your mental state is key to making things clear for your life so you must always fight to get your emotions in check, or they will control you.

  1. Relax & Work out at least three times a week

Honey, you need some downtime like right now. You can’t have a million things going on, and you don’t take out time for yourself.   When you schedule some time just for you, this opens your spirit, and you have a sense of peace within. When you have joy and happiness, this helps you to figure things out for yourself. Therefore, each week, pick a day, or choose a few hours and sit back and relax.

            Ways to unwind

  • Meditate
  • Pray
  • Relax with your beloved pet
  • Walk in nature
  • Sit back with a glass of your favorite beverage (tea, coffee, wine)
  • Take a long bubble bath

Working out even if it’s for three times a week helps your mind to be precise. It has the same effect as meditation does opening up your pathways for a clear focus. It would be best if you had a mental break from everything and especially something healthy like working out. Everyone should be working out at least three times a week as a minimum and no more than five times a week. When you work out your brain releases endorphins which are also called happy drugs. They make you feel good inside, and it also helps you to do more things in life because when you become disciplined to work out, it spills out over into other areas in your life, and you will learn more self-control to get things done. Get your work out on today!


            How to get that heart rate pumping:

  • 30 minutes at the gym
  • Lift weights at home
  • Walk around your nearest park or in your neighborhood
  • Ride a bike
  • Take up running (my favorite 😉
  • Take a dance, Zumba or boot camp class


There are so many ways in getting your mind right, but you must start first by making a clear decision on who you are and what you want in this lifetime or at least at the moment. You must master your mindset by knowing your power, love for yourself, discipline, and self-control.  It takes practice, and that’s okay because when you love yourself,  have patience and perseverance and it will help you to master that mind of yours so you can achieve your goals and live your life to the fullest with a clear and dedicated mindset.


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