Level Up: How to Win and Succeed

winning at life

When it comes to your life, #winning is the name of the game, and I will show you three proven ways on how to kill it and level up for 2019! It is time to get off the sofa and face your fears so you can move ahead in life and crush your goals.  Perseverance, discipline, and mastering your mindset can make all of your dreams come true. Are you ready? Let’s do this.

Read on below:

  1. Control your emotions, manage your feelings and push forward

Your emotions can make or break you. The reason behind that is because your emotions- your feelings direct your steps, meaning that you can get in your own way of success if you are feeling negatively towards yourself. Therefore, if you listen to your distorted feelings and they tell you that you are done for the day and to give up, you will do precisely that! That’s why It is critical and will be an advantage to you if you learn how to manage your feelings so that you can succeed in your life. You will have to figure out what is real and not go on what you feel so that you can change your thinking to an “I can and will” attitude. That attitude affects your feelings, which results in you wanting more in your life and working hard to achieve your goals.

How to control your emotions and work through your feelings for success:

  • Awareness of your feelings
  • Make up your mind that you won’t be led by your feelings
  • Confirm your true feelings within and change your mind to an “I’m determined” attitude
  1. Stop procrastinating & know that your comfort zone will kill you

Procrastinating and staying in your comfort zone will not propel you to the finish line. If you cater to these two habits too much, you will NOT be successful in life. Period. The definition of procrastination is when you take your time doing something, pretty much delaying any process. When you procrastinate, you push off your tasks at hand, which hinders your success and causes you more emotional angst. Then, if you are also in your comfort zone, forget about it you really won’t get any work done.  When you are in chillax mode, and don’t feel like doing anything, it is hard to get anything done. If you want to level up, you must FORCE yourself out of your lazy zone and get busy. The key is to be as productive as you can. Get up and do something even if it’s for 15 minutes. Do not let your comfort zone kill your dreams or even delay them.

How to beat procrastination and get out of your comfort zone:

  • Decide that you will work on your goals each day even if it’s for 15 minutes and commit to that because it will signal to your brain “I can do more” which keeps your momentum at a going forward level
  • Implement serious positive self-talk towards yourself. Basically, become your own biggest cheerleader
  • Use a reward system that for an hour you have worked on your goals, give yourself an hour of leisure time as well. This gives you something to look forward to
  1. Get your mind, right. Set goals, utilize action steps, and complete them!

Your mind is like a computer while it controls you like a puppet. How you speak, act, and react is based on your thoughts, and this is law. Your perception of yourself controls your actions. Therefore, if you see yourself as a go-getter who knows you deserve better, then you will get it done. When you are in the level up phase of your life, your mind will be your biggest weapon to fight against the obstacles, the blocks and all negativity. So, if you want to start that business in 3 months, you better set your mind to get that done and know who you are, an independent, strong bomb ass and fearless woman who is winning. Speak over yourself positive words and reprogram your mind for greatness. Set your goals and push through with serious action steps doing the work, completing your goals, leveling up.

How to get your mind right and get it done!

  • Realize who you are, what you want in life and be confident in yourself
  • Change your belief and perception about yourself to get your head right
  • Set goals and plan corresponding action steps and act on them!

So, there you have it, ladies. This is how you win and live your best life. Girlfriend, you got this, prepare, act, and win. Level up. Level up!


Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.



photo courtesy of Jennifer Grube via unsplash



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