You Must Learn To Protect Your Energy

Protect your energy

Have you ever walked away from being with a family member, friend, or loved one and felt utterly drained or know that your spirit energy was downtrodden?

This happened to me recently. I had hung out with a friend, and she is the “in your face” attitude, judgmental, condemning type and I love that about her because she is a straight shooter. It is funny because sometimes I feel that I can be that way at times because I think that I am so critical, but hey, we are all works in progress, right? Right. I know for a fact that friends know each other really well, and many times the real close ones will understand what you are about to say before you even let the words fall off your tongue. This friend knew that I was about to go in a frenzy and didn’t want me too and she stopped me by changing the subject. I felt a little bummed by the exchange, but when I realized why she might have done it, I understood. Then I wondered was she protecting her energy or mine? Did she not feel like hearing about the same cycle all over again, which probably irked her nerves, or did she think that she was helping me from continually complaining about the same old thing? Was it for me, was it for her, or was it for both of us? I will not know unless I ask.

However, either way, you have to learn to protect your energy. You may have that friend in your life that always complains about her toxic off and on man. This type of behavior is typical, but when it is excessive and obsessive it’s totally fine to protect your spirit if you feel that your energy is off. You will always make it your business to be there for that person as a friend, but when it gets to be too much, you can take a much-needed mental break. How so? You learn to set boundaries to defend your space. You have to learn that sometimes it is okay to be selfish and put yourself first. Some people have toxic energy that can stop you from flowing your positive energy, but you must not let them. Let your light shine brightly no matter what. When you are trying to move ahead in life or simply, be happy, you must put a force field around yourself so that you do not lose yourself or become angry. When I had left my good friend that day, my spirit was agitated, and I could not understand why. Then I figured it out, and I vowed not to let that happen because I needed to put myself first and I mattered. So, how do you do that? How do you protect your energy?

Read on and get your power back!

It’s Okay to Say No: If it is something that you believe in your heart that you do not feel like doing, you do not have to. You can say no. This can be hard at times, especially if you are a people pleaser, but it is alright and will help you feel better if it’s something that you don’t want to do. Stand up for yourself and learn to say no.

  • It’s Okay to Not Answer the Phone: that friend, coworker, family member calling you or texting you with something that you do not feel like being bothered with…do not answer. I sent my cousin a text the other day trying to help her mend fences with her family, and she ignored me. She had every right. She was protecting her energy.


  • Accept Your Friends, Family for Who They Are: this one is hard for me and maybe hard for others. When you love yourself, you learn to accept others unconditionally. When you do this you let go and allow that person to be who they are and when this is done, your acceptance frees you and your spirit, and you will not be bothered when this person shows you who they are.


  • It’s Okay to Take a Break: You can take a break from the bull+%%* if you want. It includes school stuff, work stuff, family stuff, family stuff, and of course, ANYTHING toxic. Walk away from it, and give yourself the time that is needed. Take a mental, physical, or even emotional break from the madness.


Always try to focus on positive vibes and a happy, joyous spirit, when you feel that your mind or your energy is anything negative realize it, release it, and change the vibe girl! Remember, choose wisely to whom you give your energy to and protect your spirit, your energy always. You matter!


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