Fall 2019: Must Have Fashion Styles You Should Rock

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The Fall 2019 season has came in with a bang draped with fabulous new and old fashion trends that all of us should try. Fall season means that beach days are gone and now we can wear boots, blazers and cute, comfy, fashionable sweaters. This season is my most favorite for fashion because you can dress up so many different styles and you can even add a pop of summer glam to your fall wardrobe. Case in point, are you feeling the long floral summer dresses with the leather jacket-see below? Geeeshh, I love fashion.

tamara bellis cvfHyRTBepA unsplash 300x451 - Fall 2019: Must Have Fashion Styles You Should Rock
Love this look?

The above outfit is one of my favorite looks. Want to look fierce this fall? Yeah? So, let’s dig in. What’s hot for Fall 2019? There are some new things but some oldie but goodies that we can’t live without.

Style #1: Puffy Sleeve Trend –Embrace It


laura dewilde thZ2h8AUCQA unsplash 300x450 - Fall 2019: Must Have Fashion Styles You Should Rock

Welp, looks like the puffy sleeve trend is back. I was always wondering when was this style going to retire. Ladies, what do you think about this style of blouses? I remember a friend of mine said she wasn’t a fan because they remind her of pirates clothing lol!  I could see what she means, but the look is still adorable. I mean seriously, it just looks so chic and classy. Look at that white blouse above its boho’ish and chic at the same time. You can rock this look with any type of jeans (low rise, mid-rise & high rise), a tight skirt, leather skirt and even full-length skirt that hits your ankles. No matter how you wear it, you will look bomb. Promise.

Style 2: Jeans Nation Gets in Formation

beautiful women 1806280 640 300x200 - Fall 2019: Must Have Fashion Styles You Should Rock

Think jean fashion is over? Girl, bye. Jeans will never go out of style. Jean shirts and the classic jean jacket are a must for your closet. Your wardrobe can’t go wrong without it. You can get a waist-length jean jacket or even a crop jean jacket. My favorite will always be a crop jean jacket or at least one that comes right above the waist with some leggings, sweats or even a fitted skirt.  Peep how this beauty in the pic is rocking her sexy jean top. Yes!!!  Use your imagination and wonder what’s on her bottom. Think outside the box and pair something different like a full-length funky skirt! All colors are lovely,  medium blue, light blue and also black jean shirts with fitted jeans, leggings and boots will always dazzle for the fall.



Style 3: Peekabo-High Rise jeans & Long Sleeve Blouse

ronny sison HLzRxGWlVg8 unsplash 300x449 - Fall 2019: Must Have Fashion Styles You Should Rock

High Rise jeans are still holding strong out here. On most fashion blogs, high rise jeans are still a staple in every fashionista’s closet. Do not even think they aren’t sexy enough because they are. Most of these styles of jeans hit right at your belly covering any muffin top (lower belly fat) that you may have. To achieve this look, add a banging long sleeve fitted top that is kind of on the short side so you can have that slim peekaboo glancing through which is sexy as fudge! Rock your jeans girl with leaving just a glimpse of skin. Remember you don’t want to give too much away, classy lady!


Style 4: Women in Menswear

woman in menswear 3738414 640 300x200 - Fall 2019: Must Have Fashion Styles You Should Rock







This style has come back with a vengeance. It’s different, and it’s super cute. Dressing a little bit like a guy gives you that sexy gentleman look but don’t forget to add some of your women’s touch like your healthy shiny hair and your make up flow! In the pic above the model has on a fedora, a crisp, white-collared shirt, black vest, and a loose tie that gives that feminine look. You can rock this with some straight-legged ankle slacks or even a full skirt to add the beauty of a woman to the style. Play around with this and add it to your wardrobe for some extra, yet different flair!

Style #5: Suede Buck Shoes –You Know You Love em’

irene kredenets KStSiM1UvPw unsplash 300x375 - Fall 2019: Must Have Fashion Styles You Should Rock

These shoes are so classy to wear in a casual setting or even in a formal setting. You don’t have to wear your average neutral colors of black and brown; and you can switch it up and get a bold color like the ones above, emerald green. You can pair them with skinny jeans, leggings, and a sweater and even dresses and skirts but no wide-leg pants because unfortunately, this combination does not look appealing. They go with almost anything and bring a certain flair to your outfit. I have three pair in my closet, black, tan and a burgundy pair. I see you beautiful with your crème thin sweater with thick leggings and your suede bucks looking all cute!

Style # 6: Edgy Chic Trench Coats

ospan ali nyrSsBzhZ4Y unsplash 300x468 - Fall 2019: Must Have Fashion Styles You Should Rock
The trench coat. Okay, please stay away from being too safe and mix it up a bit. There isn’t anything wrong with the classic trench; it’s timeless! You should have one in your closet but branch out and get a funky, edgy-chic one, if this kind of style runs in your fashion blood. Get something with buckles, or ruffles or big bold and brazen buttons. Something in your taste that stands out from the sea of regular “smegular” trench coats. Oh, and if you really want to stand out, make sure to purchase a beautiful bright color too! I had a banging emerald green trench before that people stopped me in the street to compliment me like ALL the time. I encourage you, live a little!

Style #7: Leather Will Never, Ever Be Out

vonecia carswell z0L0TDL i3A unsplash 1440x960 - Fall 2019: Must Have Fashion Styles You Should Rock

It’s the remix! Leather appears to be back again ladies and its looking erogenous as always. Leather fashion has been around forever and now and then it rears its timeless staple’s head. This fall you can’t go wrong with wearing a cute leather short skirt and a tee tied in a knot with a lovely waist jean jacket! Don’t forget that dresses are all the rage, boudoir embellishments all screams goddess. Leather fitted shirts or pants even if they are faux, the fitted skinny leather pants-um hello! Do yourself a favor and purchase a fabulous piece of leather, something for your closet this fall. Okay?

Pretty much the goal is to switch it up but let your authentic style shine through. Each season gives us a reason for a change. If you want to be more subdued, then do it. If you’re going to be bolder and brazen fashionista-do it! If you’re going to add different prints and colors to your wardrobe jump right into it. As long as you are being true to yourself and your style and not copying someone else’s, you are on the right path. Embrace your freedom of style and always dress your best girlfriend! #HappyShopping!


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