Self-Care: How to Unwind After a Stressful Day

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Hey girl, hey! Stressful days are a part of life that we must live with and learn how to deal in the best way possible. Our jobs and careers take up a considerable part of our life, and at times they can get the best of us. Stress is real loves, and it kills, so we have to be careful. Too much of this is not suitable for us even though a little stress can be healthy because it can keep us proactive, getting the job done. However, if you start feeling too much pressure and your body is reacting in a way that is not normal, you need to make sure you speak to your doctor. It is always better to be safe than sorry. So, when stress is claiming your body and mind after a long day at work, here are a few ways on how to cope.

Listen to Some Music:

They say music soothes the savage beast and this is true. The effect of music on the body is fantastic. It’s something with the sounds that jolt through your body that signals to your brain, “relax.” As soon as you get home call on Alexa or hit up your soundbar and put on some calming sounds. When I get home after a long day, I get into my after “get home after work routine,” and I put on lite smooth jazz and it instantly relaxes me. The chaos at the job melts away and gives me my woosah moment.

Turn Up Your Self-Care:

Upping your self-care works wonders for the mind and body after a stressful day or stressful event with your business or your 9-5. Put into your mind that you deserve peace and serenity and decide to do something extra special for yourself. Some things you could do that makes you feel like a goddess are:

  • Book a quick massage. There are tons of spa places within the vicinity of your job. With a quick Google search, you can find a great affordable place that will accommodate you.
  • Take a bubbly bubble bath with all the trimmings; candles, sea salt scrub, or a book.
  • Pamper your feet. Lather them puppies up with shea butter and Vaseline and make sure they are soft and supple.
  • Treat your face to a detoxifying face mask. Look in that mirror and tell yourself that everything that happened earlier is over and now you are going to take care of you.

Any of the above will have you in a more blissful moment within seconds.

Unwind with Tea or a Glass of Wine & Netflix:

Let’s face it sometimes we don’t want to do much after a bad day, and all we want to do is sit our petunias down and put our feet up. Yes, this is definitely a way to unwind. You get and take off your clothes put something comfy on and pick your favorite spot in the house, sip on some soothing tea or even a glass of wine, preferably red as its good for the heart and chill! Don’t do anything but relax. If you have an outdoor space like a balcony-use it! Do you have a favorite place on your couch?-If so, go there. Turn on Netflix and get your binge on of one of your favorite shows. Shut off your phone for a bit or keep it out of sight. Achieve some zen vibes and then retire to bed, praying for a better day.

Get Your Work Out On:
Many people don’t think about this one. Many times, you feel that exercising only on your workout days. You don’t have to because working out to beat stress can really help you. When you work out, your body releases feel-good endorphins that do the body good. Think about it when you are finished with your work out, don’t you feel great that you got that work out in? It will do the same for you after a crazy day. Take your beautiful self to the gym and release the beast girl! You will be grateful that you did.

Stressful days will always remain a part of our daily lives, but they don’t have to take control of us. We can combat these unfortunate times with different healthy coping mechanisms to help us feel good ad get us back to a normal, healthier state. Love you some you and take great care of you because you are worth it!


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