Being Truly Grateful This Thanksgiving Holiday


Hey people, it is that time of year again to have fun with family while eating a smorgasbord of delicious food without counting calories. However, Thanksgiving is not just about food, drinks, and fun. It is about being grateful, having some serious gratitude for your life and everything in it. Now, I am not trying to be a sour puss here because I am a party gal and a hostess for the mostest! I want you to know the reason for the season, and that’s gratefulness.  One thing that I am appreciative of is that my cousin and I are planning a vast thanksgiving dinner for our family, so all of us can finally get together. I am so excited because life seems to pass you by, and you do not get the chance to see some of your family members. Therefore, this year, we started to meet up a little more when we could, and now we are having so many cousins and aunts and uncles over we are ecstatic. For this, I am grateful. My thankfulness lies in the essence of family and love, which is so valuable. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday not only to enjoy each other but also to take a moment and reflect on your gratitude.


Do you know that not only is the year ending but we are going into a new decade! So, what are you grateful for this year? Think about that for a second. When I look back on this year, I say to myself, “Ty, this year was pretty good! It is a year of elevation and foundation, which is preparing me for my takeoff, next year!” I am grateful for this year. I turned a year older, and I am alive and well. My son is healthy and thriving. I graduated from college with high honors after an extended leave. I launched a business and working on a podcast for BGT. I also have a book coming out early next year. My inner being has changed, too, so I am feeling quite good, I can say. On top of that, it’s the holidays, my most favorite time of the year.


I love my family and cannot wait to be with them in a couple of days. I cannot wait to play games! Do you guys have holiday traditions? Our tradition is to do the music soul train line where everyone gathers on the sidelines, and all of us go through and do our solo dance while rocking to some bomb ass music. Our other tradition is to play games like Guesstures and fun memorizing thinking games like “going to the party.” Even though these things are hella fun, I am most grateful for the family members that come together to make this happen. Okay, beauties, what about you? Where does your gratitude lie this year?



Always remember that there are lots to be thankful for. Jog your mind. What are the three things that you are grateful for? When you figure that out meditate on that and go into the new year feeling amazing!

This year when you sit down at the table with your family, look around and be in amazement that you and your family are still alive and can enjoy each other’s company. Look at the food that was prepared and be thankful for the hands that prepared it. Look at your siblings and be grateful they exist. Look at your cousins and your aunts, uncles that make up your family. It takes a whole lot to prepare a thanksgiving feast, I tell ya! Tonight, I am going to the supermarket to get all the groceries for my thanksgiving meal for my home, and I must make a dish for my family’s dinner as well. That is going to be a whole lot of cooking, but It does not bother me one bit because it makes me happy.

I pray that you are happy this holiday season. Enjoy!


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