Step Up Your Wardrobe Now For A New You

Step Up Your Wardrobe Now For A New You

Hey, girl hey!

It’s a new year, and that means it’s perfect timing for a style upgrade.  Don’t worry, I am not saying to gravitate away from your signature style.  Always keep your own look but just snazzy it up a little by wearing something different for a new you. So, let us start with the now. What is your current look? What exactly is your style game, sis? I have a previous post in my style category, right here, “knowing your style.” Check it out when you get a chance. It is essential to know your unique look. Are you the biker chick type?  Or, are you the classy woman or the boho-chic queen? Whatever your style is, I am sure that you want to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe or some twists to add some glow up to your closet for this new decade.

Before we start sprucing up your look, I want to make sure that you are you rocking your own looks of choice. I only ask because many times, we like our friend’s styles or celebrity styles, and we try to mimic them without staying true to ourselves. I used to do that. Even though I was naturally a beautiful dresser, my eye would drift to what someone else was wearing, not even thinking if it was indeed my thing. I just always wanted to be me. I remember one day I went to meet my close friend at a popular restaurant and there were at least three other girls who were her friends who were all dressed alike.  When I got there, I thought I was walking into a scene from Avatar, where all the blue people looked the same.


 All of them rocked this style which is a cool look:

girl 296762 640 - Step Up Your Wardrobe Now For A New You


But with four of them dressed the same, they looked more like this:

stormtrooper 1343772 640 - Step Up Your Wardrobe Now For A New You


That look is classic, and it is a hot look, but why would all of them be dressed alike? Then it hit me. They must have chatted and asked, “what are you wearing?” Now, see, this is what I do not like. Maybe you do, and that’s cool, but for those, he turned their noses up, have your own vision, and shine independently. Always be on your Queening sh**h when you wear your personal style to stand apart from others.

“In Order To Be Irreplaceable One Must Always Be Different”

Coco Chanel

For this new and fabulous year, what do you want to tweak? The first thing I would do is look at your combinations of outfits that you wear. Many times, we end up wearing the same shirt with the same pants and do not even realize it. I remembered just last month I pulled out a pair of black slacks that I always wear with this beautiful white and gray cute pirate blouse. Then I remembered to myself that I was switching it up. I pulled out gray pants instead, and I never wore that combination with that blouse. It looked amazing! When I got to work, I had received so many compliments, and this outfit was old, but I just switched it up.

You don’t realize at times that you go back and forth to work or hanging out with friends, and you keep wearing the same combos. Mix it up. You could go shopping and buy new items but you don’t have to. Take out three combinations of outfits that you usually wear and go back in your closet and pick another top to go with those slacks. Pick another pair of pants to go with that bomb ass blouse you love. Look for a  different top to go with that skirt instead of that blouse you always wear with it. Add a scarf to your tank to jazz it up. For example, see below a woman with a sweater. She added a felt hat to enhance her look. Do a complete shakeup.


Not your average sweater look-Viola!:


woman 1149911 640 - Step Up Your Wardrobe Now For A New You


Look at this woman who added a neck embellishment-Perfecto!:

ovayo ntlabati f WTk4JqwiM unsplash 1440x1080 - Step Up Your Wardrobe Now For A New You

Photo by Ovayo Ntlabati on Unsplash

Another thing you should do is do a “frumpy look test.” There are times that your look is electrifying or it can be kind of boring or frumpy.  Do a scan test to see if you feel like oomphfaloopa. If you do, then figure out how to make that look better so that you are shining and feeling good. When you are dressed and ready to walk out the door, you should think, “damn, I look good.” If you don’t feel amazing, try again! Always remember that you are a Goddess and a Goddess always wears her very best. We all have days when we dress like blah but please make sure that the other days you look great. You never know whom you will bump into.

I am going to do a post of the best-dressed women from my social media pages on my blog in the next two months. I will forward details on how to enter and I will pick the banging pics and post them on my site.  All right loves, that is it for now, Step up your style game for this new year and make sure it is all about you. You are worth it!



Happy New Style Year!





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