3 Ways To Not Just Exist So You Can Live Your Best Life!

Live your best life

Hey guys! I am so, so sorry that I have been M.I.A. I had to take a break because I had different things going on in my life that took up so much of my time. One of the big things that are actually happening soon is that I am about to be a published author. I wrote an empowering motivational how-to guide for women on living their best life, but I will go into detail about that in another post. Cover reveal coming soon-I am so excited!

But back to you, Queens. Over the weekend, I was at a networking event with a friend who is in the film industry. The network was about women stepping out on their purpose, living their dreams, and crushing their goals. During the Q&A, a lot of women asked the same question, “how do I get to where I want to be?” I wasn’t surprised because I remembered years back when I was one of those women.

I remembered being 32 yrs. Old and just existing. I would get up and go to work and take care of my son and then hang out with friends and drown ourselves in wine and champagne and party. We loved dressing up and shaking our butts, but that was it! When I hit 35, I noticed we were still doing the same ole’ things, and I was nervous about pushing 40, not walking in my purpose, not doing something that stirred my soul. I think it started hitting a few of my friends, and we all were like what the eff? But there were some of our peers who were already doing big things in their early thirties. We had a lawyer friend, some moving up the ladder in their jobs, a successful published author, and a couple of them who started businesses. However, What about me? I begrudgingly and repeatedly asked myself.

I realized I was just existing and not living, and I desperately wanted change. I knew I was worth it, but how could I get there? How could I enter the land of purpose, challenge, and a fantastic life? The first thing that put things in perspective for me was a question from a stranger on a bus. This older woman who I commuted with every day asked me on my commute home from work, “where do you see yourself in 90 days?” That question blew my mind and sent me into a frenzy to level up.  I am going to show you what I did. So, girlfriend, it is a brand-new month. March Madness! Where are you headed? Don’t just sit on your butts existing time to live a life on purpose and still have fun!  Dig in below to learn how to live girl while loving your life!





Everyone on this planet has something to be grateful about. It’s the little things in life that are awesome that we hardly think about but are so powerful. For example, like food on the table, we barely think about that. What about the roof over your head that you can afford? Whether you share with roommates, have a small studio, or live at home. Things can be worse. Or what about the job you have that you don’t like, but it pays the bills and affords your current lifestyle? For you to move forward and for the universe to give you more, you MUST be happy where you are. Be grateful deep in your heart so you can get what you want in life and be guided to your next step in life.



Aren’t you tired of doing the same ole’ thing? Same commute, same hairstyle, same clothing style, and the same traits that need some serious attention. When we get stuck in a rut, we don’t realize that our boring life cycle is on repeat for us and the world to see. Get off the hamster wheel girl and do something different. Work on your negative character traits. If you are usually a pessimist, do something different than an optimistic person would do. Walk a different way to work or when you get off the train going home, get off the next stop, and walk back. Try a new hairstyle. This will liven up your spirit’s, and you will feel alive. Get that cut or add a few extensions to achieve the look you want and snap a selfie for the gram! Try a new restaurant or a new dish. Spruce up your wardrobe and dip into a unique style. If you are usually classy, try a fresh boho look with a twist of chic. Live a little Goddess.


Visualize What You Want:

So, this goes back to what that wise woman asked me, so I gotta ask. Where do you see yourself in 30 days, 60 or 90 days? What do you want love? Do you see yourself moving out of your parent’s house? Do you see yourself finding your man and falling in love (but only after you have fallen in love with yourself)? Do you see yourself climbing the corporate ladder getting that well-deserved raise? If so, start visualizing the great world you want to be in and use that as a catalyst to create a life you love.  Something that I do that helps me is right before I go to bed I think about what I want in life and apply it to my next question…What is my purpose tomorrow for 24 hours? What am I doing to move forward to get where I want to be? Then right when I close my eyes before falling off to sleep, I visualize the life I want, and boy is it a beautiful movie. I wake up the next day and implement actions to get to that movie in my head!

Time to live Queens. Still have your fun but balance it out while working towards greatness so you can have something in life that us way more dope than just fun with the girls, and that’s living a life of purpose.







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