How to Manage Your Side Hustle With Your Day Job

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Hey, loves, are you ready to rock your side hustle effortlessly while holding down your day job? You are reading this because you know that every woman needs to have more than one income, but we must do it right because things can get tricky. You spend most of your time at work, 40 hours weekly. But what about the other hours? It’s time to make more of the donuts sis and time to kill it in the day and at night. Do you want that side hustle to take off? You will need the proper tools to manage your side gig. It can be stressful, confusing, and time-consuming, but with the appropriate mindset and focus, you can live a happy life, work your day job, and kick ass with your side hustle.

See below how you can manage:

  1. Create a Clear To-Do List System

I would be a bag of crazy without a “to do” list. This list keeps my head on straight and focused on my business, so I know what I want to do on a timely basis. It also instructs me on what is important and how I should prioritize my tasks. So, you create a list of what you need to do for your side gig every Sunday and plan for the week. Then you update it daily for the next day. Once you have completed a task, you scratch it off the list, and whatever wasn’t done that day, you add it to the next day to-do list. I use my iPhone, or my laptop notes feature to do this. Pick out a way that’s good for you to get your to-do list going as long as you have a scheduled list system in place. It helps you to keep track of your goals.

  1. Implement a Schedule

Schedules Smedules. We all need em’. Your time is precious because you must literally pull time out of your ass to stay on track with your side hustle and business goals. Once you have a to-do list in place, you should also have a schedule in your head on when you can work on your projects. I typically keep this info in my head. I will get up Monday morning and say to myself, “ok, Queen, after work today, I’m going to Starbucks to work for two hours to work on my next blog post.” You can also write it down. Each week and each day, you should know what your day is looking like and at what time you will work on your side hustle. If you work 9-5 once you leave for the day, you know that this is your time, your schedule to work on your personal project.

  1. Manage Your Time Wisely

Got any serious self-discipline and control somewhere? If you don’t strap up because this is key for you to do the damn thing with your side gig. It’s like being at a roller-skating rink without any roller skates or music. Senseless, right? Yup, same difference. You will need to discipline yourself and exhibit self-control not to let time-wasters like social media and streaming shows eat up your time for more important things like let’s say um, your dreams. Make procrastination your bitch by understanding the time that you have in a day to work hard and get it done. All of us have 24 hours (sleep included) in a day and that 6-7 hours of free time that you have leftover should be allotted to your side gig. Work on your lunch break (never use company time to work on your personal goals), stay up late, or get up early. Plan out what days of the week will be scheduled for certain duties. Watch your time wasters, stay focused, and set yourself to get it done. Check out another post of mine which is helpful on how to manage your time and win! Click here:

  1. Sacrifice Your Time

They say no pain, no gain. If you want the life you crave or want to walk in your purpose and do the things you love besides your 9-5 career, you are going to have to sacrifice your time with something that you like. For myself, I am a movie and a T.V. show person. I can watch Netflix for half a day without blinking. I can waste five hours watching streaming shows for three hours and then watching a move for another two hours. That’s not going to work for my life if I am trying to build my brand.  It won’t work for your side dreams, either. The more you waste time, the longer it will take for you to launch your business or complete a task for your side gig. You are going to have to make sacrifices to elevate yourself. You will need less time on social media, T.V. shows, and hanging out with your girls to level up. Check out this example of sacrificing my time. On my commute to work, which is 40 -50 minutes each way on the train, I like to listen to my music and zone out. I now use some of that time, too, by using my phone. I work on my business plan, respond back to clients, reply to social media messages, and post. So, bye Beyonce’, Demi, Meek Mill, and Drake and hello Boss Girl Talk. Feel me?

5. Have Accountability:

Hold yourself accountable for your time. It’s like having a responsibility check on your time and productivity. What you do is write down what you worked on and how long you worked on that task. This procedure helps you to see how long you worked on your task, which will help you to either feel good or bad, which then increases your productivity. If you know you didn’t do much for the day, you will make sure you do better tomorrow or, if you did the damn thing today, it would help you to continue your win-win behavior. On weekends when you tend to kick back more, still kick back but put in some hard work and then relax. Hold yourself accountable for your downtime and your productive time.  Use a timer on your phone and delegate a time to do a specific task. This helps me a lot! When you look back at the time, it helps you to stay responsible and on track with your goals.

So, there you have it, ladies. These are some true and tried ways on how to successfully manage your side hustle, a side gig, or your side business. Make sure to build that time in so that you can work on your ambitions. Be productive and learn to balance your life so that you can learn to devote the proper time to your dreams. You got this babe, grow your business, work on your passions because your life is calling. Send me an email if you want any more tips on this. XOXO!


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