What to Watch While You Netflix, Quarantine and Chill

Netflix and chill

Hey, loves, since you are stuck in the house, keeping entertainment is a surefire way to combat boredom, and Netflix is Queen honey! The coronavirus pandemic is no joke and we should adhere to all our city, state and government rules. One of them is to try your best to stay home and quarantine. Here’s the thing, you can go quite mad by just being at home, twiddling your thumbs. You have to find different ways to have some fun and enjoyment while being cooped up in the house.

One fantastic way of passing the time is binge-watching and catching up on some dope shows on Netflix.  See below for a list of great series, shows, and movies that are currently streaming:

  1. Self-Made: Inspired by the Life of Madame C.J. Walker

To my queens, this is a must! Madame C.J. Walker started a hairline business back in her day in the early 1900s and blew up to be the country’s first self-made woman millionaire. Now that is impressive. Check it out and learn her story and be inspired. Believe you me; it will motivate you to become a Boss!

2. On My Block Season 3

This fun and exciting series/show about four street kids from Cali, who, no matter what, always find their way. Join in on this new season 4 to see where Caesar, Monse, Jamal, and Ruby will take you. You won’t be let down. It is extremely funny and we all need to laugh!



3. Outbreak

This movie is fitting with what’s going on in the world today. I saw this years ago, and it is still a gem to watch and will help you understand the outbreak we are going through now with the Coronavirus. Check it out; it will keep your attention.


credit: YouTube Movies

4. All American

This show is my absolute favorite series on Netflix. The story is always mesmerizing and will keep you on your seat so much that you will definitely hit the “next episode.” The story of an inner-city kid against all the odds who rises as the star who fascinates all audiences. It’s a story of family, friends, and love that keeps them together. You will love this show!


credit: JoBlo TV Show Trailers

5. Altered Carbon

This Syfy goodie is very interesting as the story of the only surviving soldier in his group must go up against his fiercest enemies, and the story takes place in the future for more than 300 years later! This show has a twist and is a must-see.



6. Bird Box

Even though this box office smash came out two years ago, it is still a hit and reminds me of what is going on today with a complete takeover from an unforeseen powerful substance. Get lost again in this movie, trust it will take your mind off your boring quarantine.


7. Spenser Confidential

You must watch this movie; it will make you laugh. Mark Wahlberg, as we all know, kills his tough-guy roles, and in Spenser Confidential, he does not disappoint. This former policeman is determined to save the world from the bad guys, and he does an exceptional, humorous job at it. Please check this out soon; you will love it!

I hope these great shows/movies help pass the time while you are chilling on lockdown. Enjoy!



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