A Positive Outlook in Dealing With The Coronavirus Pandemic


Hey guys, are you pulling your hair out yet by being on lockdown, a.k.a quarantine because of the coronavirus? Let me tell you, be grateful if you don’t have the virus or had any family members or friends who are dealing with it. This virus is no joke, it legit kills, and there isn’t any prejudice. The days of COVID-19 only killing people over 60 are over. This virus attacks all ages and all races, and it is up to us to do the best we can by being well and safe. Don’t take your butts outside only for essentials like groceries or medicine (going to the pharmacy).

What’s going on in our world today is indeed a big pill to swallow. You don’t want to die, but every time you turn on the T.V., all you see are the number of deaths that are rising due to the virus. How can you see any positivity in that? You can’t, but while you are staying home and social distancing, your life has changed right under your eyes which is your silent pretty rainbow to the storm.

How so?

Did you realize that you don’t have the same robotic lifestyle anymore? You are probably so annoyed that you have to stay at home that you didn’t notice how much you can truly do in your home that you weren’t able to do previously.

You aren’t stuck in that same ole’ routine and guess what that’s a good thing because you get to reboot your entire life! For example, before the pandemic I would get up at 5:30 AM on certain days, go to the gym, shower, get ready for work, work an 8-12-hour shift. At lunchtime, work on my business/brands. After my 9-5 was done for the day, I would work on my side business/hustle. Go to sleep and do it all over again. Except for working on my side hustle and busting my ass in the gym life was pretty Bahhhhh-rore-ing! I bet you didn’t realize we were all walking around like zombies every damn day.

So now, since you are in a whole other season in your life, which is new and different, what can you do with your time? The silver lining is that you can do things that you probably didn’t get the chance to do when you were living your life on auto-repeat. You can work on yourself, your inner being, and become a better version of yourself. You do this by self-reflecting, meditating, praying, and journaling. Think about your life and see whether you are truly happy and if you aren’t, now is the time to make the changes.

Are you happy with your life? Do you love yourself?

These are questions you can ponder so you can change your life. Learn how to shift your mindset for greatness so that when you come out of this quarantine, you come out better than ever. Then there are other random cool things you can do too that you usually don’t get to do that will help you pass the time.


Like these listed below….

  • Go through your closet and get rid of clothes/items/accessories that no longer represent your look and style.
  • How about a serious “quarantine” cleaning? Clean the areas that you normally don’t get a chance to clean like behind your sofa, behind your stove or your messy broom closet.
  • Work on your passions and hobbies. Now is the perfect time for those working at home –when your shift is over, work on a passion of yours that you had since you were a kid. Work on a hobby that you always wanted to try. It’s a great time to do this, and it would be awesome coming out of this learning a new skill.
  • Clean out your file cabinet or your organizational system for your documents in the house.
  • Start a business! You don’t have to do all the steps, but you can come up with the business you always wanted to start and work on a business plan and set the wheels in motion.
  • Reach out to a long-lost friend or family member that you want to reconnect with. Now is a great time to catch up.
  • Enjoy new activities and light up your days with fun.
  • Take this time to read, relax, and focus on a new you.

Also, don’t get caught up in social media and binge-watching shows because that causes you to burn out. Take a break in between SM and watching shows and do something different, like reading. But hey, while you are watching shows, take a peek at a list of shows I mentioned in one of my blog posts (click here): https://bossgirltalk.com/what-to-watch-while-you-netflix-quarantine-and-chill/

Whenever you do, please be safe and continue to do the following to help combat COVID-19:

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds and don’t touch your face
  • Try to avoid close contact with people and keep your distance
  • If you are sick, listen to your doctor and stay home away from others (if ifs two of you are more in a house remain in separate rooms).
  • Stay home when you are sick, and if you are infected with coronavirus, do not take ibuprofen (check with your doctor first), but it has been said that it makes the symptoms worse.
  • Clean and disinfect your home, particularly the surfaces and things you always touch.
  • Cover your mouth when you sneeze and cough.
  • Only go outside for essentials like groceries and the pharmacy.
  • When you do go outside, wear your mask and wear gloves and don’t cross-contaminate (don’t use your gloves and touch a door handle and then touch your face).
  • Keep your immune system healthy as much as you can.

So, my beauties, continue to look at the positive side of this season and take time out for yourselves. Pray, stay safe and be well!


For any more coronavirus information, see the below:


Toll-Free Coronavirus Hotline: 1-888-364-3065






  1. Tiffany
    April 7, 2020 / 10:42 pm

    Things have been crazy. Trying to stay as positive as I can. Thanks

    • BGT
      April 17, 2020 / 4:35 pm

      I am so glad that you are trying to stay sane in this time. You got this and you are welcome!

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