How to Crush Your Beauty Challenges Working From Home


What are we going to do without our professional glam squad? I need a pedicure ladies, don’t you feel like this? Working from home can be a little challenging these days, but we must make do, right? When it comes to our beautylicious self-care, a lot of it is done professionally. Our hair, our nails, and our toes are taken care of by our favorite (or back up) stylist and nail technicians. Now that we are ordered to stay home, we must fend for ourselves and recreate the wheel as best as we can. So, how are you holding up ladies with your beauty routines? If they’re a bit sketchy read on because it’s not that bad. There is help; I got you!


The awesome thing about this quarantine is that we get to place more time on ourselves. Our self-care routine can be heightened and for a good reason. We are goddesses. Make sure that you come up with (if you don’t have one already) a great daily routine to take care of your hair, skin, and nails. How can you do that unprofessionally and be less frustrated? Let’s pamper ourselves, no matter what.  Here are some ways to stay on point while home.


Quarantine/Working from home self-care/beauty tips:


  • That beautiful skin of yours queen is to die for. Girl, first and foremost, you must hydrate, hydrate and hydrate. Get that water in, get some sleep (7-8 hours) and eat right.
  • Wash your face one to two times a day, depending on your lifestyle. There isn’t a set number on how many times you should, but if you come in at night with a face full of make-up, you should wash your face.
  • Two to three times a week, steam your face with hot water (let the hot water run and use that steam without burning your face) and then immediately after use some ice cubes to keep your pores closed and skin tight.
  • You don’t have to use sunscreen protector unless you are going outside but do use moisturizer daily to make sure your skin is supple and not dry.




  • Continue taking your vitamins so that your nails can be strong from the inside out.
  • If you only have manicured nails without wraps once a week, take the polish off and shape your nails and repaint. Keep your hands moisturized.
  • If your gel/acrylic/linen wraps have fallen apart, file them down and get rid of them. Go back to regular manicures and learn to love your nails that way. Keep them shaped and put on some clear polish or a dope color. Do this once a week or as needed.



  • Those toes! Ok, so if you are like me and had a banging pedicure that you now see space in between, the cuticles and the color have faith.
  • Just take the color off and soak your feet, get rid of the dead skin with a pumice stone.
  • Lather them, babies, up with Vaseline/shea butter/lotion. Paint your toes a pretty color, and even if it doesn’t look like they would typically do as “la professionale'” imagine that they do and know you did the best you can because this is self-care at its finest!



  • Ugghhhh, this can be difficult! Beautifully styled hair is hard to get right for the hair challenged folks (um, like myself!). Your stylist can always give you “do-it-yourself” pointers and as always there is always our handy YouTube!
  • Make sure to wash your hair like you usually would every week or every two weeks. You must keep your hair clean.
  • Brush and comb your hair in the way you want your hair to grow (down or to the side). Never let your hair look like a muddled mess, messy bun yes but mangy uncombed mess-no. Put moisturizer in your hair or spray a little hair sheen to coat your cuticles so it can help stay healthy.
  • Everyone’s hair type is different, so you should do the best thing for your hair type. The trick is to maintain it still as best as you can, so it stays healthy until you can get a professional trim. If you are skilled at trimming your own hair, do you boo because that’s a skill.



As we flatten the curve, we can still feel like a goddess. Our beauty goals shouldn’t falter. We must have the faith and believe that this time will pass, and it will.  I’m just glad that you are blessed to be here during this time reading this blog post and that is what’s most important! So, babes roll with these beauty challenges for a little while longer by loving you some you. You got this!






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