A Coronavirus Survivor Urges Safety While the World is Reopening


Let’s get this Rona party started! Girl, no.

Coronavirus is real ladies, and unfortunately, we are in still a pandemic. Even though I want to get loose because I am the party girl in my crew, I still want to be safe. With Memorial Day weekend past us and all the reopenings were showing massive crowds of people partying, it seemed as if the fatal Covid-19 didn’t happen.


I wonder if some people have forgotten that this virus is still killing people daily. I totally get that people are tired of being home, but to get outside and be around people without social distancing and not wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) items is just pure reckless.


Social Media was overfilled with pics of people who clearly had enough of their state shutdowns. Understandable, because we like our freedom, but geeshhh places were packed! It was as if COVID-19 disappeared, or there was a cure. Um, no.

Don’t forget people are walking around asymptomatic (where they are infectious but showing no symptoms). This type of person can give it to you, which then can potentially kill you. You must be clear that there is still NO cure and NO vaccine.


At least be safe about it and have your mask on and try to social distance and stay away from huge crowds. Trust me, I want to go out too, but I guess I am looking at this from a different perspective—a perspective of someone who contracted it.


It’s terrifying wondering whether you will live or die within the two-week time frame of managing Covid-19 symptoms.


Being transparent here, even though I am private and low-key, here it is: I was a COVID-19 victim and survivor. Not too recently, I was diagnosed with Covid-19 but had mild coronavirus symptoms and recovered at home. I was lucky because I knew personally people who had family members or friends that died from it or their symptoms were much worse and were hospitalized.


Someone I know, her brother died from the disease, and he was only 31.


My Coronavirus Story:


The weekend before my infection, I was trying to social distance, but it’s hard in a city that is packed with people who don’t listen and continue to have house parties with more than ten people (my neighbors-*rolls eyes). Even doing an essential run can be risky. I did go to the supermarket and post office. New York had the most prominent COVID-19 cases, and I live in the city, which was the worst. You still had to be careful with essential runs like the supermarket, pharmacy, discount stores, and select few restaurants with take out.


VIP: Just because your state has fewer cases does not mean you are Covid-19 free.


It was a Tuesday morning on the wake up I felt sick. My body felt out of it, and I knew to take my temperature and BOOM your girl had a temperature of 99.1.




I knew we were in a pandemic but hoped I just had the flu. I was pissed because I didn’t want to be this cruel, savage demon’s next victim!  I immediately ran to urgent care.


Six days later, after dealing with flu-like symptoms, massive body aches that felt like my worst enemy threw bricks at me-the urgent care confirmed my worst fear. I was COVID-19 positive. It was like a death sentence to me. At that moment, my spirit, my energy, and will to live escaped me.


I Thought I was going to die.

For the next few days, I listened to my doctor and tried to recover. I forced myself to get up and make myself something healthy to eat as I was quarantining by myself. It was hard, and the pain was so unbearable that I had to bend over and lean on things (kitchen sink, refrigerator) for support. I couldn’t taste, had no appetite, and, one day, I felt like I was not going to make it.

My aunt texted me to see how I was doing, and I gave her the passcode to my phone. The pain that one day was that bad. The body aches were too much, and I thought if I finally got up to stand up, I would pass out fall- down and die. However, though the pain and discomfort, my fighting spirit in me made sure I was going to beat this thing. I continued to fight that night.


Getting Better, finally!

The tides shifted the very next day! My aunt said when it gets to its worst, that’s when it will get better, and she was right. Things got better. My fever started to break, and my health improved and had more energy. I could post on Instagram for you guys as I waited for the fever to leave my body for good. I was blessed. I didn’t have any breathing problems, and I didn’t have to go to the hospital.


My 14 days were up, and I was recovered. I dropped to my knees and thanked God for his mercy on my life. I retested and was negative. WOOOHOOOO!!!


This is just my story, but I want to be an advocate to urge people to please be safe and know that there are some great, recovering stories out here because most times, we only see the “death” narrative that is being shoved down our throats.


The virus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it affects all races and there isn’t a cure. It is effortless to contract it from touching contaminated surfaces and mostly being around infected people. My doctor warned me that within ten minutes, you can get infected from someone who has it and is standing to close to you by breathing and releasing their droplets that escape into your nose, ears, or mouth. If you haven’t had it be extremely grateful because trust me you don’t want it!


Is it worth it to be around people who may be infected, and who can give you a disease that can help legit take away your life? I don’t think so, but it’s up to you and the respect that you have for your body. How special is your life to you? Weigh out the outcomes and don’t follow the crowd. Make the best decision for you and/or your family.


Whatever choice you make for your life during this pandemic, please be safe and be well.

This too shall pass.



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