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Boss Queens seemed to be plastered everywhere on Instagram. I used to stare in awe at seemingly successful women when I scrolled through Insta. My thoughts were…how many pics are we going to see with women sitting on their living room floor with tons of pink packages to be mailed to customers? (y’all know what I’m talking about lol)


Wow, my girls and I  can do this too! Oh, and business sponsored ads all up and down my timeline that seemed like utter harassment had my mind churning thinking, why wasn’t I a boss like them? I wasn’t living up to my full potential.


At the time, I didn’t realize I was living my WACKest life and merely wanted what these dope ass queens had. They were doing the damn thing and I wanted the same!


Yes, I had some jealous moments but being honest, deep down, I was happy for others because they got a chance to fulfill their dreams, which encouraged me. I could live the life I wanted to as well if I put my mind to it.  My dream was to live a life of my destined purpose, excel in my own business but I felt like I was drowning.


What about yourself? Did you ever have a time, a season in your life where you felt stuck and wanted more? Or were you jealous of your girlfriend or sister/cousin because they found their soulmate and they were getting married and having babies left and right? Or that bomb ass smart friend of yours who gets promoted and kills it in her career?


What about one of those entrepreneurial friends who’s always promoting herself all up and down your timeline? We have all been there, and it’s ok. We must figure out what we want to do so we can be happy too. Do you know what the bible says?


“Do not compare yourself to others. Carefully review your own life and work hard to be proud of what you do, but don’t compare yourself to others.”

– Galatians 6:4


So, girlfriend, this is what we are not going to do. We are not going to hate, throw shade, or be jealous of anyone nor feel down about ourselves.


You are going to win. You will do what you want in your own unique life where nobody gets to tell you what to do when to do it or who to be. You will have your babies when it’s the right time for you! You’ll get married when you are supposed to get married. Trust, you’ll know. You’ll excel in your job soon! You will become a savvy business owner making major bank when the time is right.


Live the life you want, and if you’re going to display it on social media-go right ahead. Because you know what? It is your very right and prerogative, and whoever doesn’t like it can simply unfollow. People are going to do what they want to do, so why shouldn’t you? You have to get that mindset, “You like it; I love it!”


Living a life of passion and loving what you do or doing what you love will benefit your life.


  • Where there is passion, there is life, and your goal is to live your best life.
  • If you are not doing what you love or love what you are doing, you are wasting your time.
  • You are going to die! Not now. Well, one day, but you know what I mean. Make it happen before your time is up.


Instead of being jealous and comparing yourself to others because your life is not what it should be, you can rewrite your story. Girlfriend, you are not a tree; you can move. Make some serious manifestation in your life and get busy.  The old me didn’t see myself as a women empowerment coach, business owner, SM influencer, speaker, or soon to be published author.


I got there because I stopped doing the same non-productive things that weren’t getting me any results. I had to manifest it, and this is still only the beginning for me. I still don’t have many things in life that I want, but I most definitely am not in the same place where I used to be. I am happier and content and on a mission to do whatever it takes to win in this lifetime.


For example, I am launching my online store with a focus on women empowerment merch/products. I want women to feel empowered wearing and possessing items that scream I am a Queen and a Warrior!

                                                “I respect and love my damn self!”

It’s a statement and a movement for inspired women. It was something in the works since last year, and in this pandemic, I made it happen. I caught a vision of what I wanted, and I picked the right time. It was rough because I endured some severe obstacles I (like my site crashing, legal sh**t which delayed my launch); even so, I pushed through, and here we are. The Empowered Babe Collection is live! See the “shop” tab above.


You can do this too-get what you want. How, you ask? See below…

  • Know what you want in life and then put your all into getting it.
  • Decide what you REALLY want and write it down.
  • Be in heavy pursuit of all your goals with dedicated focus.
  • Don’t play around with your life. You only have one.
  • Change your mindset from negative to positive, believing you can do anything.
  • Your belief in yourself will make you a success.
  • Learn to be happy at the moment while hoping for the best future.
  • Have faith and believe it will happen at the right time.
  • Take stern action steps towards your goals.
  • Each day-even if it’s for 10 minutes
  • Monitor your progress and keep accountability by writing it down.
  • Track your steps, ups and downs, and your time working on projects.


Living your best life is attainable. It’s not easy like purchasing your favorite cup of coffee, but it is achievable when you decide that you want better. It is possible when you truly make moves to move forward. But remember your life is your own, and you should not follow behind anyone else. Make your path and your journey yours and be effing proud—no more queen of shade.


Post your success, do it! Why? Because you can inspire others to get off their tooshie and win too! Do what you want, live how you want, and don’t ever be jealous because you don’t know what happens behind closed doors with others, so make it a practice to focus on yourself. Cut back on non-productive activities, work through your moods (another blog post coming soon) and kill the game, Sis.

Be the Girl Boss in your entire life!

It’s all your choice, and you totally got this! Till next time Queens.


**Don’t forget to check out the new shop page ladies for the Empowered Babe Collection! Thank you!!







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